Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers: Full Report Card Grades for Philly Today the Philadelphia Eagles give thanks, for all wins are created equal in the eyes of the standings—just not in our report card grades. We knew heading into the Birds’ tilt with thePackers that Green Bay would be hindered by the injury to Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, but nobody could be certain just how crippling that loss would be. Turns out losing a former league MVP is exceedingly difficult to overcome. Sure, the Eagles defense did a good job in a 27-13 win at Lambeau Field, but what do people expect when practice-squad darling Scott Tolzien is the man pulling the trigger for the Green and Gold? Tolzien threw for 280 yards in relief of Rodgers’ backup Seneca Wallace, and while he was intercepted twice in the process, that seems like too much production to concede to a third-string quarterback with no pedigree. Had Eddie Lacy run amok all over Philly’s defense, that might make more sense, but the Packers running game was held in check. In our weekly report card grades, we score each individual position on some fairly simple criteria. “A” is virtually mistake-free, “B” is good, “C” is average, “D” is passable and “F” is a complete failure to carry out basic tasks. Nobody would fail the Eagles for the job they did on Tolzien, but perhaps a few players could have applied themselves more. It’s all in the report card, along with more on another strong performance by Nick Folesand the Birds offense. Extra credit: Which side of the ball would you guess came away with a better cumulative score this week?